Stefano Panero Oddi Architect + Interior Designer

Stefano Panero Oddi was born in Rome in 1972 and received his Bachelor of Architecture Degree in 2000, from the University of Rome “ La Sapienza. In 2003 he became a member of the Order of Architects Planners and Landscapers of Rome.

From 2000 trough 2005 he worked in Italy, for several prominent architectural firms. In these years he was responsible for overseeing many private luxury residential, commercial spaces, office interiors and hospitality projects. During this time he sharped his ability to strategize and execute a project from its inception to its completion.

In 2005 Stefano created Nyeusi Design, a total architecture concept, based on architectural planning, integrated design and industrial design, with a particular focus about residential and commercial spaces.

His work is extremely conceptualized researching customized solutions with a particular attention for details. Designing starts with a vision and his work is to take that vision and turn it into a reality.